Politicon World is an Istanbul based think-tank and consultancy organization,which produces risk, opportunity, investment, policy, economy, current monitoring and consultancy reports based on Turkey and the associated countries / regions with analytical, interpretive, realistic and strategic perspective of social sciences, founded by a new generation of entrepreneur-experts with intellectual capital, specializing in Political Science, International Relations and Economics. Our mission is to bring together the business-investment world and academic knowledge, and to analyze the effects of political-social-commercial risks and opportunities on the economy and the market for the benefit of market actors and institutions/corporations and to shed light on their paths with this knowledge.

Politicon World team, in this sense is a pioneer in the establishment of a new sector in Turkey. It has set out with its expert staff in order to provide safe and efficient information and effective strategies to the economy and players, on domestic/ foreign policy, social structures and current situations, and knowledge of the international environment with its strategic, visionary and innovative perspective. In this sense, it establishes a new business area for Political Science and International Relations experts as well as an efficient service area for the economy and business world that will benefit from their knowledge and skills. As an organization with refined, objective, useful and up-to-date information, Politicon World’s vision in the information age of competition and innovative developments is to offer stronger, better, rational tomorrows where the value of information and strategy is known to the institutions it serves, solution partners and society.


Politicon World is an organization that aims to bring together the intellectual capital accumulated in the fields of Political Science, International Relations, Economics, Strategic Management and Business Management, as well as the cadres and perspectives of social sciences and related disciplines at the same table with the business world and the actors of this world.

Politicon World focuses on Turkey and Turkey’s investment environment. In this context, it redefines Turkey and provides detailed transparent, objective and up-to-date reports and consultancy services on political-economic-social-diplomatic risks, trade and investment opportunities, sectoral risks and opportunity analyzes, the current course of 

political-diplomatic-economic relations, investment areas and enterprise market,consumer market and industrial-commercial-financial investment field assessments.

Politicon World serves as a bridge between foreign investors- customers and domestic firms and customers by establishing an active and productive relations between Turkey’s market/institutions and the outside World. Politicon World actualizes the establishment of an information, publicity, positive relationship and investment platform about Turkey, local governments and related country-region-sectors that will be effective, active, efficient, transparent and mutually beneficial for its final beneficiaries with its qualitative and quantitative methods and technology-based data analysis methods.



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