2019 Global Risks and Opportunity: Geo-Political Climate Change

2019 Global Risks and Opportunity: Geo-Political Climate Change

It is crucial to know how to position against risks and dangers, and how to predict, analyze instability, deteriorating international relations, conflict environments, prudence, or unsafe regions and markets, and how they have affected or will affect the actors in the world. In order to avoid the negative effects of crises and even to turn crises into opportunities, the acquisition of the information, current analysis and follow-up, understanding, interpretation and knowledge of how to use it are crucially necessary both for the actors and for their relationship with their rivals. These risks arise not only from political relations, internal turmoil or government policies, but also from social events, from the overshadowing of new trends, from the differences of economic developments and from cultural differences. In this sense, there is an inseparable link between economics and politics and the fact that they both influence and determine each other. The necessity of knowing and predicting which of what, how and under what conditions the determinants influence and the need to position accordingly is now blatant in our global world. In this sense, it is clear that it is almost obligatory to be conscious not only of the risks and dangers, but also of the opportunities. Thus, the relationship between policy-economysociety, developments and policies in international relations, government policies, relations between countries and regions, social events, new trends and cultural differences, and their accurate analysis according to the sectors can also create opportunities for different positions. When political, economic and social developments are followed, areas, investment plans, expanding and expanding markets, sectors and countries that can be invested or attracted to investors can be determined, and it can be turned into a “useful“ information and even a strategy source with a correct view and interpretation.
This report, which is prepared for estimating risks and opportunities, aims to present the risks and opportunities that may come to the fore in 2019 with a systemic / general perspective.

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