Political risk is a special type of risk caused by political, socio-cultural, socio-economic developments and changes in a country or region for economic, political and social actors who are engaged in business or intend to engage in business whom maintains a presence or a relationship in that country or region. The concept of political risk covers the identification, measurement, evaluation, interpretion and prediction of the potential and active risks and opportunities created by the current decisions and actions of governments, decision-makers, political and social actors and social dynamics in the country or the region in question. When the strategy concept is determined by taking into account these different types of risk and opportunity traces, it can lead to the point where you want to go with the least cost and most profit by giving accurate results.

Politicon World has brought the political risk consultancy sector, which shows productive activities as a separate sector in many developed countries of the world, to Turkey. Politicon World, a network of local and international analysts specialized in different disciplines and areas such as International Relations, Political Science, Economics and Sociology, with unique and guiding services and a form of mutually beneficial knowledge; offers a different perspective and a new generation of consultancy services to private sector actors, social institutions and society. Politicon World’s political risk consulting service is a current and strategic service for leaders, decision makers, managers, investors, companies and social actors from every walk of life. Politicon World provides awareness on the concept of political risk to its customers, solution partners, beneficiaries and society and also provides consultancy services on risk analyzes, forecasting and management with a strategic understanding that promotes the world.

If you have met Politicon World, political and geopolitical risks are no longer a problem for you but an opportunity.

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